1.    General provisions
1.1. Lithuanian academic libraries directors‘ association (hereinafter - LABA) is a voluntary independent non-governmental non-profit public organization, which unites the directors of Lithuanian academic libraries for satisfaction of common purposes and needs. The aim of the organization activity is not striving for profit.

1.2. LABA registered office is situated in the library of Vilnius University, office No 35, Universiteto str. 3, 2600 Vilnius city, phone No 610616, fax No 613809.

1.3. LABA is a legal person, which has an account with the bank registered in the Republic of Lithuania, its own name and other requisites. It shall be liable for its obligations to the extent of all its assets.

1.4 LABA shall perform its activities in compliance with Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as other Law, legal acts and these regulations.

2.     LABA aims:
2.1. to represent academic libraries in international bargains, foreign and national public organizations.

2.2. to look for financial resources for acquisition and development of united libraries’ systems, to ensure interdependent communication of the systems, to form publications fund and to develop the material basis.

2.3. to initiate amendments of Libraries’ Law, to organize the structure of Lithuanian libraries as well as to furnish it to affirmation.

3. In order to reach the aims mentioned above LABA shall:
3.1. prepare proposals; participate in preparation of projects and programmes for academic libraries computerization and libraries systems installation, as well as coordination of publications gathering and other matters of libraries work.

3.2. organize specialists’ conferences (seminars) to discuss programme and business problems and to raise personnel qualification.

3.3. inform about LABA adopted resolutions, signed agreements, contracts, and other events of Lithuanian libraries press.

4.  LABA members:
4.1. LABA members shall be citizens of Republic of Lithuania directors of academic libraries.

4.2.LABA incorporators shall be directors of academic libraries who have signed a statutory meeting protocol.

4.3.  new members shall be accepted to LABA in accordance with the decision of association incorporators of 2/3 majority of the votes, after they shall furnish the application to LABA chairman.

4.4. members shall be independent from the library they represent in economic and financial activity.

5.  LABA members shall have the right to:
5.1. participate in meetings of LABA members, Board meetings, and furnish orders.

5.2  be elected to LABA Board, Auditing committee, as a Chairman.

5.3. get acquainted with documents reflecting LABA activity.

5.4.LABA members must:
a) comply LABA regulations, follow the resolutions of meetings and Board;
b) actively participate in LABA activity;
c) save LABA property.

6.   LABA sponsors are natural and legal persons who support LABA not only financially, but also by their work.

7.  LABA structure and management:
7.1. LABA business shall be administered by:
a) general meeting;
b) Board;
c) Auditing committee;
d) Chairman;

7.2. Members’ meeting is LABA supreme management body. It is organized not less than once a year.

7.3. Meeting shall be deemed valid if it is attended by not less than ½ of LABA members.

7.4. Problems shall be solved by a simple majority vote, if secret voting is not required by at least five LABA members.

7.5. Board shall invite members to the meetings by separate invitations, where the time and place of the meeting, as well as the agenda, is indicated. The invitations shall be sent not later than two weeks before the meeting;

7.6 Meeting of LABA members shall:
a) consider and approve LABA budget;
b) create LABA activity plan;
c) elect LABA Chairman, Board, responsible secretary, treasurer, Auditing committee;
d) adopt, amend and supplement the regulations;
e) create LABA commissions;
f) resolve the questions of LABA activity expiration;
g) resolve other important LABA questions;

7.7. Board shall be an executive which shall ensure the implementation of LABA aims and objectives;

7.8. Board shall have the right to make decisions necessary to LABA between the meetings of the members. Board must inform participants of the meeting about made decisions;

7.9. Board consists of: Chairman, treasurer, and responsible secretary. Board can be re-elected, but the number of terms it may serve shall not be more than three. Board Chairman shall be elected for one year, but the number of terms a Chairman may serve on the Board shall not be more than two;

7.10. LABA Board shall:
a) follow the meeting’s resolutions and report for its activity;
b) act on LABA behalf between the meetings;
c) keep in touch and collaborate with other organizations reaching similar goals;
d) represent LABA in court, as well as in all state, government and public institutions and organizations;
e) organize LABA budget and do works accounting; administer LABA business and manage its property;
f) arrange meetings;
g) have the right to suggest changing regulations;
h) solve other LABA problems raised during a meeting.

7.11. Board shall gather in case some questions appear, but not less than once in two months. Meeting shall be deemed valid if it is attended by not less than ½ of Board members; Board decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote.

7.12. Agreements and powers of attorney shall be concluded on the behalf of Board. Financial documents shall be signed by LABA chairman and treasurer.

7.13. A responsible secretary shall distribute information, administer documentation, prepare data for meetings and Board meetings.

7.14. Three LABA members shall be elected to Auditing committee for a year; Auditing committee shall check LABA financial activity once a year. It shall render its remarks to a meeting.

7.15. Chairman shall:
a) act on LABA behalf;
b) have the right to authorize other LABA members;
c) have the right to suggest changing regulations;
d) have the right to demand for rendering an account of Auditing committee;
e) have other powers of attorney that shall be commissioned by LABA members meeting;
f) keep in touch with Rectors’ conference.

8. LABA assets:
8.1. LABA assets shall consist of projects prepared with the help of LABA and various sponsors’ donations.

8.2. Assets shall be used for realization of LABA aims in accordance with the procedure established by a meeting.

9. Order of amendment and supplement of regulations:
LABA regulations shall be amended and supplemented during LABA members meeting by a simple majority vote.
The right to offer regulations amendment shall belong to:
a) LABA Chairman;
b) Board (by its decision);
c) not less than 1/3 LABA members.

10. LABA activity termination.
10.1.  LABA activity shall terminate:
a) in case the decision to reorganize Association shall be made during LABA members meeting by a 3/4 majority vote;
b) in case the decision to terminate LABA activity shall be made during LABA members meeting by a 3/4 majority vote;
c) by decision of state institution in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

10.2.  In case the decision to terminate LABA activity shall be made, the future of its property has to be determined. Remaining LABA property can be transferred to organization having similar aims, but only after all the requirements of creditors shall be satisfied.

Regulations were adopted in 25 November 1998 during the meeting of Lithuanian academic libraries’ directors.

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